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1929 Buffalo Silver Coin
5 grams      
CARAT Diamond
The carat represents the unit of weight of a diamond. Furthermore a carat is
subdivided in 100 points. One carat is equal to 0.20 grams. The value per carat
increases with carat size because larger rough diamonds occur less frequently.
The number, position, kind, color, and prominence of inclusions contained in the
diamond determine the grade of clarity. Most diamonds contain very tiny birthmarks
known as inclusions.  An inclusion can interfere with the light passing through the
diamond. The fewer the inclusions, the more beautiful the diamond will be.

Grades range from flawless (diamonds which are completely free from blemishes
and inclusions), to included 3 (Diamonds which possess large, heavy blemishes and
inclusions that are visible to the naked eye)

F, Flawless: No internal or external flaws. Extremely rare.
IF, Internally flawless: No internal flaws, but some surface flaws. Very rare.
VVS1 / VVS2: Very, very slightly included (2 grades). Minute inclusions very difficult to  
                            detect under 10X magnification by a trained gemologist.
VSI / VS2: Very slightly included (2 grades). Minute inclusions seen only with difficulty
                      under 10X magnification.
SI1/ SI2: Slightly included (2 grades). Minute inclusions more easily detected under    
                   10X magnification.
COLOR Diamond
Color grading represents a fundamental element of a diamond. The more colorless
a stone is, the greater its value and uniqueness. A totally colorless diamond allows
light to pass through it easily, resulting in the light being dispersed as the color of the
CUT Diamond
The cut enhances the diamond's power to pick up and reflect light. Every diamond
regardless of its shape gets its brilliancy and scintillation by cutting and polishing
that diamond facets to allow the maximum amount of light that enters through its top
to be reflected and dispersed back through its top.
The Four C of Diamond
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1943  Dime Silver Coin
2.5 grams   90%
10   grams 14k  yellow gold
.50   center Diamond
.20   side diamond 6 pcs
7.50 Ring size
# UNS12
BUYER LOCATION :  Virginia Beach, VA 23455-4439
BUYER LOCATION :  chula vista CA 91911