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      Hair Replacement
Natural Hair Implant - none surgical  procedure
What is the use of all the money and gold you have when you yourself is out of hair.
A full head of hair can make you younger
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Option 2:  Surgical Hair Replacement

You will undergo multiple more than two surgical appointments and
still you do not have a full head of hair. The worse part if you do
not like the result remember this is surgical procedure it is
permanent and you sign a general waiver.

Your own hair is surgically slice from the back of your head
This images is months after the surgical procedure         
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OPTION 3:    Hair Follicle growth Treatment

If you still have visible hair on the head avail the treatment to
revive dying hair follicles and thicken your hair. No chemicals

See actual before and after below.  ( Four Months result )
For Men and Women
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